Proposals that can accelerate avidemux use! (for next version...)

Started by garfield314, October 12, 2020, 11:24:21 am

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I would like to propose some enhancements to avidemux's GUI, that will make its use faster & easier.

- It would be useful to have 2 buttons in toolbar for "Run project" & "Save project" commands. browsing through the menus is not handy!
- It can be a nice feature addition, the ability to set multiple split-markers on the timeline & (after placing all of them at the desired spots) to create multiple project (.py) files with the between the markers parts. eg when I have a video of total 5:00 minutes duration, I would set the markers eg at 2:21 and 4:06, and when I would press the (to-be-added) button split project, the program would create 3 .py files (each one with durations 00:00-02:21, 02:21-04:06 and 04:06-05:00). This way the user could split a large project into smaller ones and process them independently, without adding more space to disk. After he would finish processing all of the parts, he can add them in the batch list and get the final (edited) video (through the "merge into 1 file" command).