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Started by HappyTrailz, October 28, 2020, 02:10:56 AM

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Greetings ... I just downloaded the Avidemux 2.7 for Windows 10 and after trying to use it to merely crop a video that I have, I realized that it really doesn't do much at all.  When checking the SCREENSHOT page on the website ... it looks NOTHING like what I installed!  The website shows all kinds of applications to do, but mine has almost NOTHING to offer!  Please help me ... THANKS.


I assume you downloaded the 2.7.6 release (I would recommend to use more up-to-date win64 or vsWin64 developer builds from as they have a significant number of bugs present in the release fixed).

From your question I can only guess that you haven't selected an encoder for video output, leaving it at "Copy". To crop video, select an encoder suitable for your needs, then add the "crop" filter from the list of transformation filters in the filter manager (Ctrl+Alt+F).

If you refer to a screenshot of Avidemux 2.5.x with a ton of buttons in the toolbar, they were removed a decade ago during a rewrite of the application on the way to 2.6 as the design of 2.5 was incompatible with modern codecs.


It is the 2.7VC++64 bit ...