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Batch assign audio language

Started by Ch3vr0n, November 10, 2020, 05:19:07 PM

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So i'm optimizing my plex files a bit and i noticed while browsing through them that i have several in the avi format that don't have an audio language assigned. With some help i was able to do this for my mp4/mkv files with mp4 box, but i'd like to this with my avi files too. Something i was informed avidemux can do for me.

As itm still a noob in cli is there any way any of you might be able to assist me to create a batch file that recursively looks through all (sub)folders (and its subfolders) of the root directory the batch file is located in and assign the audio language to English? I don't have any other audio tracks in my files.


Avidemux doesn't set the language field in AVIStreamHeader at all (and doesn't care about this field when loading AVI files) while ffmpeg sets this field only for subtitles. You would need to remux these files into a different container. The viability depends on codecs used (and if some files include subtitle tracks, Avidemux doesn't qualify).

Regarding Windows cmd.exe scripting to implement the desired recursion, I cannot help, unfortunately, but user "dosdan" probably could.


I personally use mkvtoolix's mkvmerge to batch set language option to both video and audio. Naturally this will result in an .mkv file.