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avidemu_jobs: does not close job windows

Started by domenico, December 30, 2020, 10:48:18 AM

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I process many videos in sequence with avidemux_jobs. Almost always, when a movie finishes, it doesn't close the window before starting the next job. When all the movies are finished, I find myself with many avidemux windows open with the file inside. This problem makes me both with the laptop and with the fixed one. Thanks for your help


Looking at the code, I can't see how this can happen yet*. Do you use the latest 64-bit nightly (vsWin64 or win64)?

If you do, are you able to reproduce it with a single one job? Is there anything special regarding the projects (the project scripts *.py files which are run as a batch are stored – and never automatically deleted – in %appdata%\avidemux\jobs\)? Does the output format matter (e.g. MP4 vs MKV)?

Could you please provide jobslog.txt from a Jobs GUI session affected by the issue?

*) Avidemux is run from Jobs GUI with --nogui argument which suppresses dialogs so that no user interaction is required. I wonder whether something happens here.


* .Py files are never automatically deleted. I did 6 test jobs (Same piece of film, but different file name). Number 3 did not close the window. Place the You cannot view this attachment. . Thanks


Thank you, I don't see anything unusual in the log.

I'll try to reproduce it, the Jobs GUI could use some love during the next release cycle.


I can sort of reproduce the issue (next job is started before the previous Avidemux instance has exited, all windows close after some delay on their own, all jobs complete successfully). Will look into it later.

Thank you for your report.