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HUFYUV decode not working properly

Started by RocketJet, January 08, 2021, 02:42:48 AM

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The U and V channels seem to be swapped
People's faces are blue.
This happens when reading a HUFY file created with the
YUY2 and Predict Left options set.

I have tried a number of different builds,
the most recent being avidemux_2.7.7 r210104_win64
The problem seems to have been introduced in 2.7.5,
as avidemux_2.7.5 r200626_win64 works fine,
but Avidemux_2.7.5 VC++ 64bits  has the problem.

Here is a sample input file:



Handling of BGRx pixel format should be fixed now by

[coreImage] Fix swapped red and blue colors when converting BGRx images

(the sample was BGR0, not YUV2).

Thank you very much for your report.