Avidemux 2-7-5 write .mp4 and .mkv not properly read by VLC or WMP

Started by Bobi, January 17, 2021, 01:33:12 PM

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Hi everybody,

I regularly run into the following problem with Avidemux 2-7-5-Release:
I write (with File -> Save) mp4 or mkv files with Avidemux, then I close the software:
  • If I reopen the file with Avidemux, the video is correctly read (with sound)
  • If I reopen the file with VLC or Windows Media Player, the video runs without sound for a while, and then the sound correctly appears in the middle of the video. The sound is then properly synchronized with the image.

My problem: I want the sound to be here since the very beginning of the video in VLC and other softwares, not only Avidemux.

Step to generate the buggy .mp4/.mkv file:
  • I load a mp4 file in Avidemux, and I extract a sub-part of it, using Start Marker A, End Marker B, Save =>.mkv. Let's say I extracted the segment [22:00; 25:00] of a 30-minute-long video
  • I load the now 3-minute-long video, and I replace the audio: Audio ==> Select Track ==> I untick Track 1, and Enable Track 2 with a .wav file
  • I synchronize the .wav music with the 3-minute-long video, by tickling the "Shift" box, and typing in let's say -200ms
  • I save the file, as a .mkv and also a .mp4 file (Save ==> I replace the extension with mp4)

Could you guys point me out some things I'm doing wrong please ?
I'm sorry if this problem was already raised before, I couldn't find it, but I'll admit I haven't made the most thorough search beforehand.
Please, tell me if my post is not clear.
Would it help if I were to upload one of the .mp4 file ?

Thanks for your time


2.7.5 is an unsupported legacy version, please verify that the problem persists for you with the latest nightly build (currently a MinGW one from Jan 4 2021).