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m2ts file only 2 audio tracks out 3 detected

Started by niczoom, January 20, 2021, 01:47:09 AM

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I have one .msts video file (MPEG Video) which has 2 audio tracks, 1. PCM & 2. DTS XLL (DTS-HD). This file doesn't have any issues when editing, copying (output as TS) or encoding.

But the other m2ts (VC-1) file has 3 audio tracks, 1. PCM, 2. DTX XBR (DTS-HD) & 3. AC-3 (Stereo). When opened I select 'Audio/Select Track' and only 2 tracks are shown, 1. LCPM Stereo & 2. AC3 Stereo, the DTS track is not shown/detected?

When I edit this video then save using 'Copy/Copy/Mpeg TS Muxer' I get an error 'Muxer - Cannot open'. Perhaps the VC1 format can't be outputed/saved as a TS?

Any ideas?


Muxing of VC1 into MPEG-TS as well as into MKV should work now:

[muxerffTS] Accept VC1 video track, do not assert on avformat_write_header() failure, improve debug messages
[muxerMkv] Replace codec tag for VC1 with WVC1 else libavformat rejects the video track

Could you please provide an unprocessed sample (~300 MiB) from the other video via WeTransfer, Mega, Dropbox or Google Drive? I have not encountered DTS XBR before, there are no samples and therefore no support.