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Changing height of the video

Started by Gio21stri, January 21, 2021, 07:12:19 AM

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I have video with broken aspect ratio (height is broken- faces looks too long). How to fix that? I tried "crop" filter - but its jtt cut frame from top and bottom

here's original video


Here's the reply that was given to you at videohelp forum:
Quote from: jagaboThe video has a 4:3 frame size and displays as 4:3.  But I think the OP is right, Amy Poehler's face is too narrow (compare with her other appearances on SNL at youtube.com).  Stretching the video to 16:9 is obviously too wide though.  I think somewhere around 600x384 gives the right aspect ratio.  So setting the DAR flag to about 1.56 should work.

Your question here should be whether/how you can set the DAR to 600x384 in Avidemux, No ?