Delogo filter smoothing and/or selective blur filter

Started by Who, March 26, 2021, 09:46:47 PM

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The Delogo filter has proven quite handy for removing small things on the screen that you don't want but it works best if the area around the removal location is a fairly solid color, or at least not too "busy".  Where it really fails, and becomes quite noticeable, is if the scene on the screen has a lot of motion and goes through several color changes.  For example try removing a piece where is panning across a scene of grass, trees, and maybe flowers and you will see that not only does the removal location become more noticeable, it actually distracts the eye from the rest of the picture area.  I realize you can't restore what is not there, but even if you can see that something has been cut out, that area should be boring, not screaming with patterns and colors that say "LOOK AT ME!!!"

I don't know of any really good fix for this but one thing I have wondered is if there might be some way to do a controlled Gaussian blur of just the section of the screen that has been removed, so that instead of intricate patterns you would just see kind of a blur from the surrounding pixels.  This would require an extra setting to set the amount of blur (default would be 0, of course) and under no circumstances should it be applied to pixels outside the area affected by the filter.  But the idea would be to kill those intricate crosshatch and other nearly psychedelic patterns you sometimes get, especially when the camera is panning through a bright outdoor scene.

Alternately, if there were a Gaussian blur filter that could be applied to just a selected area of the screen, that could be used after the Delogo filter (or in some cases, in place of it).  Unless I am missing something, it seems like the current blur filters only work on the entire video area, which is not really useful IMHO.


Try DelogoHQ filter, it is in the newest nightly build.


I definitely will as soon as there is a MacOS Catalina nightly! Thanks!


Thanks for the recommendation, I will try DelogoHQ filter. It can easily eliminate alpha-blended logos and keep the picture's sanctity intact at the same time.