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Create thumb videos

Started by butterw, May 09, 2021, 12:42:23 PM

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butterw Avidemux TinyPy script/UI to generate thumb videos

the script is customizable and could handle a number of use cases:
- extract a clip from the input video (with starting time ts, duration dt),
- sample n short clips from the input video and join them together (n, ts: 1st start, te: last start, dt)
- optional: mute the audio, provide GUI controls for parameter entry OR use the same settings on a batch of files. Manual operation allows for further editing of the clips. 

If the output is re-encoded it can be downsized (ex: 360p) meaning the filesize will be small. Otherwise clips start on a keyframe by default, so Copy mode can be used. Further editing can be done on the output if desired.

butterw User Guide
if the video has been edited/has multiple segments you must save and reload it before using vThumb.

noConfigUI=True, this mode uses the parameters value configured in the script
- values (integer): n
- values (floats in seconds): dt, ts, te
- options (boolean): mute_it, thumb_it (resizes to wh_min), save_it or append_it

noConfigUI=False (default)
The parameters are set in a config interface (initialized to the parameter values specified in the script)
! Because TinyPy scripts cannot currently set persistent variables (other than markerA, B), vThumb cannot remember the parameters last set in the GUI. Parameter values will be reset to script defaults the next run, after loading a new video or reloading the same video (with the reload_it option).

append_it=True appends the vThumb generated output to the end of the video. This can be useful to perform more precise manual editing. If you just intend to do a quick edit, generate more clips than needed and keep only the best (use to navigate segments).