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Butchered audio track

Started by MickM, June 27, 2021, 09:00:32 PM

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I'm trying to find any reliable way to batch convert my library of DVD VOB movies to MKV and am having an awful time :-(.  When I convert a foreign language movie, the second audio track (English) is all choppy and messed up - I see hundreds of error lines like:

 [refill] 20:49:16-006  Trying to ignore the discontinuous timestamp (1 try)
[audioClock] Drift detected :6924568633 vs 6924584633, delta=16000
[audioClock] Drift detected :6924616633 vs 6924632633, delta=16000
 [refill] 20:49:16-006  Trying to ignore the discontinuous timestamp (1 try)
[AudioStream] Warning skew in dts =+ 48000
[AudioStream] Warning skew lastDts=01:55:24,680
[AudioStream] Warning skew newDts=01:55:24,728 
[audioClock] Drift detected :6924664633 vs 6924728633, delta=64000
[audioClock] Drift detected :6924760633 vs 6924776633, delta=16000
[audioClock] Drift detected :6924808633 vs 6924824633, delta=16000

If I convert the same movie to MKV using MKVToolnix then all the audio tracks are just fine, so I believe this is a bug in avidemux. I'm happy to upload the movie or one of the VOBs inside it to a server somewhere so this can be debugged.

On a separate front, does anybody know of any robust software that runs on a Mac (which really limits the choices) that I can use to do my batch VOB to MKV conversions? I already know both avidemux and mkvtoolnix currently have killer bugs that make this impossible. For mkvtoolnix, the author has already said he abandoned any further VOB support years ago...


Do you experience the issue when using the latest nightly build for macOS?