Should upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8 require re-indexing videos?

Started by lewyssmith, July 19, 2021, 06:31:42 PM

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Basically this says that under Mageia, a video produced with v2.7 is not accepted by v2.8 unless it is re-indexed.
Is this sort of thing standard & expected?
If not, and it is a Mageia packaging problem, can anyone suggest where that might be?


There is no v2.8. I cannot rule out that v2.7.9 won't be relabled as v2.8, but for now we are at v2.7.x (2.7.9 with the last release being 2.7.8 ).

We need to force re-indexing of MPEG-TS files because old index files reflected and perpetuated bugs in previous releases which are now fixed. Additionally, there have been minor format changes to deal better with interlaced video.

There should not be any reason to keep using anything older than 2.7.8.


Thank you for your rapid & helpful reply.

Sorry about the wrong version. (If you look at the bug, you will see why: the complainant refers to '2.8' when he clearly meant '2.7.8', which I now see is the latest Mageia has - for the next release, our current issued version being 2.7.6).
Can I correct the topic title appropriately?

He is unhappy about re-indexing following the version upgrade 2.7.6 -> 2.7.8; your last comment above should help!

Please enlighten me about correcting the post title; and how to close it RESOLVED if possible.


No problem with the wrong version in the title. Fixing it retroactively would cause more confusion IMHO. I suspected initially that the wrong version originated from the spec file, but once I managed to locate it, I saw that the concerns were unfounded.

I understand that packagers rightfully detest having to deal with tons of patches or with a lack of an official source tarball, but I would nevertheless suggest using the support branch (without the commit "[cmake] Leave release mode") which contains only quality and stability fixes backported from the master branch onto the codebase of the 2.7.8 release without any new features. This would make waiting for the next release much more pleasant for users.

But if resources are very thin, the next release is hopefully less than two months away. It will bring all the aforementioned fixes and a ton of new video filters.


BTW, regarding, Avidemux doesn't use libavformat demuxers thus an issue in playlist parsing in libavformat should not matter for Avidemux.