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I would like this feature in Avidemux

Started by h4ever, August 20, 2021, 07:23:13 PM

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I created new Icon although it is not needed...
New controls could be hidden by default and clicking on the icon would display the inputs to unlock audio and video channels. I think radio control could be used to ... better solution.

So this feature would enable to either work with audio only or with video only. Suggestions, just imagine:

I. Audio channel edit:
a) You can select location in a video file, then click the audio unlock checkbox and when the edit input is enabled, you could type in the delay you wish to insert into the location. This would shift the audio only. So it simpy repeats silence.
b) You would select some A<-->B area of sound, then Copy, and then you would repeat the steps described in a). This would insert the copied location, but it would repeat the sound. If you wish to copy noice, just select 1 second, copy, and then insert this way repeated sound of noise.
II. Video would work similarly. If you do not select area, then one image would be repeated.
III. Posibly you could add button(s) delete selected area to delete block of video with no effect to audio, or to delete block of Audio with no effect to video.

This would be very easy to edit. I am editing video of speach and the speach is not perfect, so losts of work I have because I work with audio and video separately if I need to cut sound only. This means, in FormatFactory I export the audio channel, then edit in sound editing software, then I add it back to video exported to new file. And this is such a mess of files. Terrible... So I believe this simple feature could save a lot of time. If you would add the icon to hide this feature, you still have a space to add some other inputs in the future..


The approach to trim audio and video separately is fundamentally flawed and has zero chance of success with Avidemux. First ensure good A/V sync, then trim, then apply any kind of processing to individual tracks which doesn't modify timing, them mux the results together.

Audio tracks cannot be cut separately from video tracks in Avidemux, this is a design limitation.


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Then I need to use different software like Shotcut. That enables shifting of audio. I cannot do the sync because I need to remove sentences or parts of sentences which repeat. And if I would remove the sound only, silence would stay. Hence the only solution is to cut audio or add silence or both - cut audio + add silence and then to cut the silence video... In shotcut I needed to edit the video like this, because I eddited the sound separately... If I would this in avidemux, I would just add silence and then use cut, so there would no shifts happen. This is why I wanted to add the silence, to be possible to cut video, but not audio or to cut video, but not audioYou cannot see attachments on this board..


Yes, Shotcut is an option, but nevertheless, the approach is IMHO flawed and a pain no matter which application you use. I would sync video and audio without any modifications to duration, then trim where necessary, then extract audio as PCM (.wav), edit it in Audacity while keeping the duration (obviously, no deletions and no cuts!), then mux back into the video.