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Please change the Save action's name

Started by einpoklum, September 01, 2021, 07:53:41 AM

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There's an element of the user interface which is confusing, perhaps one could even say frightening, to new users. It's the Save / Save Video action - appearing in File | Save on the menus and as the diskette button on the main toolbar.

The reason for confusion is that, in most applications, "Save" refers to the file or document you're currently working on, and implies that it will be rewritten with any changes made to it; while what the Save action does is save the segment you've marked into a different file. Also, the menu entry and button tooltip do not have a trailing ellipsis, which would suggest that additional user input will need to be required to complete the action - further increasing the suspicion that it's the original file which would be overwritten.

I therefore request that the action be renamed to one of:

* Save segment as...
* Save selection as...
* Save segment...
* Save selection...

1. Ditto for "Save Audio".
2. In case it matters, I'm using v2.7.8 on Devuan GNU/Linux.