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x264 encoding log file

Started by antipro, October 03, 2021, 06:05:13 PM

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hi, I would need an x264 encode log file, where I can find it?
I mean, after encoding a video, there should be somewhere a log file of the "x264 job".
I need it in order to load it with another software that analyze the encoded file together with
this "encode log of my rip" and provides additional technical information.


I am not sure what you mean – the first pass log file or the encoding summary as printed by ffmpeg.

If it is the former, this file is created in the same directory as the output video, but with extension .x264.stats. Obviously, you need to use a 2-pass encoding mode and may not enable "delete first pass log files by default" option in the Preferences.

If the latter: Avidemux doesn't provide a summary, you need to use ffmpeg for that.


thx, no its not the 1st pass log, is probably the encoding summary.
but anyway I can't find it.
when you say "i need to use ffmpeg" what do you mean exactly?
I have an ffmpeg folder but no log files in there.


ffmpeg outputs the summary to stdout, which is the console where it runs, it can be a terminal emulator like gnome-terminal or konsole, the Terminal.app on macOS or cmd.exe window on Windows.