Suggestion for HQ De-logo filter: add brightness slider(s)

Started by Who, January 10, 2022, 05:28:56 PM

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I have noticed that when using the HQ de-logo filter, in some cases the de-logo'ed area will be slightly but noticeably darker, or have a slightly different color cast than the surrounding area. This seems particularly true if the scene is dark to begin with.  I don't think I have ever seen the area be lighter than the surrounding area, but I have seen it darker quite a few times. I am not certain if this is strictly a brightness issue, or if it is because the color cast is being changed a bit.

In any case it occurs to me that if it would be possible to add a brightness slider that would allow increasing the brightness only in the areas defined by the white areas of the mask image, that could help blend the de-logo area in better with the surrounding image.  Or if there were three sliders, one for each primary color, then color cast issues could be addressed as well.

To me the issue seem most noticeable in cases where the logo appears over a dark blue or dark green background.  The filter works much better over well-lit scenes, or over total black areas (because you can't possibly get any darker than pure black, I suppose).  So this change would only be helpful in a relative handful of situations, but if it's not difficult to add it might be worth considering.