Crashing when cutting up to end of video

Started by chrisma, April 09, 2022, 12:35:21 PM

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Hi, first of all, I think Avidemux is an incredible piece of software.
I frequently used it on windows and have recently switched to Linux.
I've tried Pop OS and now Fedora and the crash happens on both of them.
I've manually compiled on pop os but with the same result.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Load any video
2. move cursor to any position
3. click "set start marker"
4. CTRL + X

Version: 2.8.0

If you need any other debugging info let me know though I can't seem to find the admlog.txt


I'm sorry that the crash when copying to clipboard with selection extending to the end of video made it unnoticed into the release, the issue has long since been fixed in 2.8.1 nightlies, please update (or build yourself from git master).


Absolutely no need for apologies. I'm glad it is a known bug and already fixed.
Thanks for your quick reply and your work on avidemux!