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Cannot open UNC path from command line

Started by Unobyte, September 08, 2022, 09:11:44 AM

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I try to open an MP4 video on UNC share \\MYSERVER\TheShare\br.mp4 from Windows Exprorer "Open with" context menu and Avidemux reports "Could not open the file".

Opening this file from File->Open menu, when I search for the share manually, happens just fine.


Do you refer to a MinGW or to VC++ build (it should be the latest nightly)?

(Not that Windows Explorer integration has high priority, but maybe someone gets interested in looking into it)


The installer file is named *VC++64bits.exe


I tried and failed to reproduce the issue with both my own MinGW build off git master and the latest official VC++ nightly. In both cases I had to create "Open with" Windows Explorer context menu entry for Avidemux by pointing to respective executable. After that, I could open MP4 videos on my share via "Open with" --> "avidemux.exe" without problems.

The only obvious difference is that my share is referenced by its IP address only.

Please provide more information about the issue, starting with admlog.txt from an attempt to open a MP4 file on your share in Avidemux via Windows Explorer context menu.


How to make it write admlog.txt again? Last write date of this file is 5 years ago.


admlog.txt in %localappdata%\avidemux is created or overwritten each time Avidemux runs. You must be looking at a wrong location (like %appdata%\avidemux).


Please, take the log file from the attachment. This file contains only this failed event.


First of all, please retry with just released Avidemux 2.8.1 – both VC++ (Avidemux_2.8.1 VC++ 64bits .exe from here or from FossHub) and MinGW (r220917).

Regarding the log, it turns out to be that Avidemux unfortunately doesn't log file errors, i.e. if ADM_fopen(const char *filename) fails, there is no trace in admlog.txt whatsoever. But VC++ and MinGW builds use different implementations of ADM_fopen(), so that while one flavor of Avidemux fails, the other one might work.

Just in case, does removing the space in the filename "Relaxing Fireplace.mp4" --> "RelaxingFireplace.mp4" have any influence on the outcome?