Anti-whine: A big thank you for this awesome software

Started by AndrewSmith, September 18, 2022, 09:48:25 AM

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This is an item of software that I simply could not be without.  It's lean, fast, and does the job superbly.

I record digital TV via a dedicated standalone recorder unit and then transfer the finished .ts files (both mpeg2 and mp4 internally) across the network to my computer for trimming.  What really means a lot to me is that I can use this software to save selections, such as a particular news story, to a new .ts file and this is done without re-encoding.  I get to maintain the broadcast quality and it's super quick and efficient. Best of all, the finished files are compliant to the standard and as such they import into video editing software without any weird glitching -- absolute joy for me.

I so love this software!

So a big thank you to those that put in the hours doing the non-glamorous stuff and making this thing happen.  I've just been migrating to a new Intel i9 computer with a 4K resolution screen and installing the software I use.  Well, the v2.8.1 edition arrived just at the perfect time for me to take advantage of the high dpi icons etc.  Bliss.

Many thanks again.