Suggestion: Allow multiple sets of markers

Started by nnamerz, October 13, 2022, 09:45:25 PM

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Is there anyway to request a feature to allow multiple sets of "Start" and "End" markers.
I have been making compilations of podcasts where I stitch together the really funny segments of each episode. I watch the podcasts while working in the shop and when I hear a really funny portion, I jot down the timestamp.

Then in the evening, I load the podcast video in Avidemux to delete the ads and the unfunny segments. I have to start deleting segments from the end of the video because if I start from the start, then the rest of my timestamps won't match up after deleting the first segment.

I would absolutely love it if I had the ability to go through the video and add "start" and "end" markers for each section I want to keep or delete. Then after all the markers are set, I could choose to either delete the marked segments or delete the unmarked segments.

Thank you so much for your time and for the amazing software  ;D



I too start at the end, & work backwards, when I have to make multiple cuts.