Up/Down keys do not work properly when held down and using fastest repeat rate

Started by rem, October 16, 2022, 03:46:05 PM

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First, a big thank you to the developers for Avidemux. This application does exactly what I need and I love being able to losslessly trim videos without leaving the keyboard.

On that note, I did notice a bug that affects keyboard navigation in the Mac version (macOS Monterey 12.6, tested on Intel and ARM):

In the Linux and Windows versions, if I hold down the Up or Down key, Avidemux will rapidly scroll the video by i-frame for as long as I hold down the key. However, when using the Mac version with the fastest key repeat rate supported by macOS (System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard -> Repeat rate), holding down either of these keys does not perform the scroll. Instead, the scroll events appear to be 'queued' until the key is released, after which all the queued scroll events occur at once. Notably, the keyboard scrolling works fine when the key repeat rate is set to anything other than the fastest setting.

I am not familiar with the Avidemux's source code, so I'm not sure where the bug might reside, but I would be happy to test any proposed fixes on both Intel and ARM.


Please don't use auto-repeat for keyframe-based navigation. It is really not meant for that. Please use thumb slider or navigation slider for this purpose.

I'll try to check this very minor issue nevertheless at some later point of time. The expected behavior would be not to accumulate events which arrived in too fast succession but to discard them. So there might be a bug somewhere (either in our code, in Qt or in macOS).