Encoding to same codec, to cut the film not at I-Frame or NIDR-Frame

Started by Gloster, October 20, 2022, 04:09:11 PM

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Scenario : A Film will be cut, not at a I-Frame position (h.262) to denied missing of audio, or exact at the Film scene as I want. Re-encoding will be necessary, to denied the corruption of film scenes. I did check it and it is possible. But the own setting what I have found was a two pass encoding to get acceptable results.

Same scenario for h.264, here it is difficult to fimd a IDR-Frame at an exeptable position, also I did cut not at a I-Frame, my setting for re-encodimg with crf 8, and get also, acceptable results.

My proposal, an additional button will be added in the settings with the option :
Same Quality as before, minimum of re-encoding required, perhaps only one or two cut positions not at an I-Frame (Avidemux knows the positions during edit process.).

My proposal is only in respect to spare time, is it possible ?


If I haven't misparsed the English (please feel free to post in the German subforum), you ask for so-called "smart copy" functionality which is already difficult for MPEG-2, extremely hard or impossible for H.264 (you need to configure an H.264 encoder – probably x264 – in such a way that it generates a stream with extradata which perfectly matches the one of the remaining video) and mostly useless with the most modern IDR-less digital broadcasts because the entire stream after the first cut would need to be re-encoded.

Therefore, the answer is "No".

Additionally, any re-encoding using a lossy codec introduces more artifacts and worsens the quality, there is no such thing as "same quality" with lossy codecs.


Lossy is not lossy, if it is not visible for the subject (e.g. compare the video by vivictpp).
So an another question, as fast as possible and less lossy as possible , which parameter to use for h.262, h.264 ?
And therefor a button.


Quote from: Gloster on October 21, 2022, 12:05:05 AMas fast as possible and less lossy as possible , which parameter to use for h.262, h.264 ?
select "Mezzanine" at the "Configuration:" at the top of the x264 configuration window