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Can't able to add logo

Started by Musy, October 26, 2022, 06:00:23 AM

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Hi sir,

We can add the logo on any codec but can't able to  add logos on copy codec ... Plz help me to add logos on copy codec which is not reduce any quality or size ...


Any modification of the picture absolutely implies the need to re-encode the video, thus no filters in copy mode.


Sir is there any codec same like copy ... I don't want to lower the quality ... But i need a same quality with fast export


If you need a lossless codec for intermediate steps of editing, you can use Ut Video, HuffYuv (both with the MKV Muxer) or x264 with Mezzanine preset (either MP4 or MKV Muxer). Neither is suitable for final export as decoding support for the first two is very limited and compression rate of all three options is very low (the bitrate is huge).

Very high encoding speed can be reached with hardware encoders like "Nvidia H264", but increasing quality automatically results in very high bitrates.