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Can Avidemux Improve the Image Quality of Movies?.

Started by rgaun, November 10, 2022, 02:42:57 AM

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      I'm curious if Avidemux will improve the quality of video imagery / footage, as I'm wanting to watch old black and white movies shown / downloadable from online but they have bad image and/or audio quality and so I'm looking for a software or program that improves the image quality of videos.

I was told by some one that Avidemux is a type of software that can do that, and I want to know if that's true or not.

I'm no expert, video editor or anything like that mind you, I lack knowledge in that area.


No, you must use potent AI tools for that. Also - it doesn't improve the video, but rather add elements that wasn't there (i.e. advanced guessing).


It depends on what quality problems you have. For me, some videos are often lacking in sharpness, or the colors are dark, too bright, etc. In those cases, I can often improve the 'watchability' by adjusting the sharpness, or colors, & then re-encoding at a  higher bit rate. Once you get a feel for the program, through trial & error, you'll find you can improve the quality to a decent extent. I've been able to change some pretty bad SD clips, to higher resolution clips that are very watchable even on hi-res TVs.