How to terminate accidental appending of 168 extremely large files?

Started by nnamerz, November 18, 2022, 08:34:56 AM

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I had all the contents of an entire folder selected and then went to drag a single file into Avidemux, but accidentally dragged 168 extremely large video files instead. The files total 275GB and Avidemux keeps trying to append one file after another.

Each time I press "Cancel", it only cancels processing of the current file but then moves on to the next one. I was temporarily able to pause processing by clicking "Cancel" and then NOT clicking "Yes" or "No" in the confirmation alert window.

How do I terminate the entire operation? Is there a keyboard shortcut or something else I can do? Or am I stuck terminating the entire process in Task Manager?

Thank you


Thanks for the quick response.

Would you happen to know if there are any plans to add an option to cancel and entire operation in the future?


There is no general way to cancel loading of a file in Avidemux. It happens just that it is possible to cancel indexing of a MPEG-TS or MPEG-PS file which is done the first time the particular file is loaded as well as to cancel indexing of a Matroska file, which is done each time any Matroska container is loaded. There are no plans to add this capability at the moment as I am not sure that this functionality is really needed (except of the rare unfortunate incident you experienced).


However, you have raised a valid question: if Avidemux really continues appending videos after a failure to load one or more files (due to technical reasons or canceled by user), I would classify such behavior as a bug.

I'll try to look into it after transition to FFmpeg 5.x.


Thank you very much for considering it. The quick responses and explanations are greatly appreciated.  :)