New particle "_edit" within the proposed output file name?

Started by me444, December 30, 2022, 01:16:00 PM

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Since the new nightly winx64 ( i notice the following:
When i press "Save", within the SaveDialog's output file name entry field, the original filename does appear plus containing the particle "_edit" before the ending ".<fileextension>".

Don't know why, but i guess it's for to prevent that the original input file is accidentially overwritten.
Yes, that makes sense. On the one hand. On the other hand, persons presumingly do have personal naming conventions for files, and such manipulation may be highly annoying if it implies extra-work. Personal habits may differ.
In my case, for output files i simply add a letter before the original file name and save.
Now i need - additionally - to navigate to the "_edit" at the ending of the name and to remove it. I find this extremely annoying.

I'd highly vote to make such changes that affect the personal ways to work at least configurable.
No other remarks so far, ADM works great!!


The "_edit" is only appended if there is a name collision, i.e. the output would overwrite the source due to the same name.
Won't get appended, if saved into different folder, or into the same folder (as the source) but with different extension.


Yes, such had been my guess above.
But there won't be any collision if there is - example: - a "_specialfilename.mp4" (here, with leading underscore) and one intends to save as "specialfilename.mp4"
Simply one leading character to remove (or add, dependingly).

Now, i find ""_specialfilename_edit.mp4" as proposal i don't like to have such extra work to remove this "_edit". Each time again, and the next time again.
I'd vote at least to have an option like "force prevention of clashing output file names" or such. But please don't enforce unneeded extra work.


Unfortunately there was no further reply yet, so i don't know how it is seen .... Probably it is not wanted.

So, could it be at least possible to provide at least a config key that allows the user to decide
 where the particle is placed (suffixed or prefixed)? Something like:

Something like "file_collision_prevention_prefixed" or such ...

That could support a user preference a lot how to deal with this particle when having input and output files within the same folder. Actually i find it to be an öbstacle when working.


The purpose of automatically adding something in case of name collision is to avoid catastrophic results of pressing the enter/return key on platforms without default file locking like Linux. It also allows to save first, rename later on platforms with file locking (i.e. on Windows). This functionality was unintentionally broken on Windows for some time, now fixed.

There have been multiple mutually exclusive wishes regarding the default filename suggested by Avidemux with or without name collision. I am not inclined to go down this hole trying to make everyone happy. It is a good goal to avoid total desasters, that's it.