avidemux_2.8.1_win64.exe version missing for latest release

Started by pcosson, January 05, 2023, 10:40:18 AM

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Hello would it be possible to release the avidemux_2.8.0_win64.exe  build for 2.8.1 as the other one doesnt seems to be silentinstallable.

best regards


I am not aware of any changes which might affect NSIS installer capabilities. Could you please elaborate what exactly you were doing?

Regarding the version, 2.8.0 is justly dead, please don't inflict it upon users. Please use the latest 2.8.2 MinGW nightly (at the moment they are fine, this might change in the future when ffmpeg5x lands) from https://avidemux.org/nightly/win64/. Grab the ZIP and put it wherever you need it to be within the local filesystem, not on a network share.

NSIS-packaged builds are there because many people using Windows expect an installer-packaged version to be provided, not because Avidemux needs an installer.


Hello sorry for the lack of informations, i work for Tranquil It editor of WAPT , we package avidemux to allow sys admins to deploy it, we are getting new releases from github usually and before this year we were using the win64 release which is missing since last 2 releases. The C++ release doesnt seems to be deployable, I noticed that the release appear in your nightly, would it be possible to get it aswll on github when it is stable ? 

additional info here where they confirm the c++ release doesnt install silently: