Can't report bug as forum thinks I'm swearing

Started by Vygantas, May 16, 2023, 01:56:13 PM

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Opening JPEG in avidemux_2.8.1 r220207_win64.exe causes crash loop

Accidentally opened JPG instead of MP4, and it gives this error message. However, it then restarts and opens the same file again causing a crash loop that you can't cancel.:

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Can't post details cause post gets auto blocked for cursing


First of all, please verify that the issue exists with the latest available 2.8.2 nightly which is currently from May 9 2023. If it does, is the crash specific to a particular JPEG file?

Please take care to install (or just extract if you use the ZIP-packaged version) the nightly to an empty directory and never run multiple instances of Avidemux simultaneously.

I don't see how such an automatic restart may happen with Avidemux. If the previous session ended in a crash, Avidemux would ask whether to restore the session. The default is not to restore.


Hi, It's with latest nightly from May 9, reinstall didn't help but I've just removed JPEG, and since it failed to open it, I could open software again.