Suggestion: Audio Output Configure

Started by tropolite, May 22, 2023, 09:21:33 AM

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I have posted elsewhere but thought to add the suggestion here.

Dependent on the Audio format the bitrate kb/s is about the only item in this Configure section (MP3 has Quality and CBR/VBR options).

I noticed recently (not sure if it is a bug or a feature), MP3 kb/s settings stay throughout multiple clips when using a Job List. This is Not the case if you use AVC or AAC Audio formats even though the set kb/s stays the same but does not follow through with multiple clips (you have to click another rate and back to the original rate you want so it is recognized in the current clip and need to do that in subsequent clips added to the same Job list Queue.

AAC and AVC only have the bitrate option in Configure. I suggest move the Bitrate to the main tab in Audio Filters as this bitrate is dependent on the audio format. Or fix the bitrate of the AAC and AVC to act just like the MP3 bitrate settings over multiple clips.