Suggestion: two Avidemux sessions synchronizing slider to 2Ch dashcam footage

Started by baudi, June 24, 2023, 05:27:30 AM

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Perhaps I am the only one with this special interest. I have a 2Ch dashcam (with a rear and a front camera). On almost daily basis I select scenes, mark, cut out, select, mark, cut and so on then save. I do this with 2 Avidemux instances parallel for front and rear, to have the clips simultaneous. I always have to swap between 'front' and 'rear' and remember each last mark (in/Out) positions to have them cut synchronized at the same begin and end of scenes. Often I make mistakes and have to revert on both or I see it only days later when the original source  is deleted.
In my dreams: when I move the slider on Avidemux 'front' the slider on Avidemux 'rear' should move accordingly to the exact same positions. The marking and cutting can be done manually on each instance.
I know for example Vidlord, Kinovea and AVplayer (the difference is, only one window with two sub-windows) where I can play simultaneous 2 clips. That is nice too.
But 2 Avidemux windows only synchronizing the slider (and the video position/picture/display/view) same time would be very nice.


what you can do:
make the desired cuts on one of the files, then File/Project Script/Save as Project
edit the .py file with a text editor, to replace the file name in the adm.loadVideo line to the other one
load the .py file at File/Project Script/Run Project


Thanks, I thought of that by myself.
Dashcam clips for front and rear cam should be completely same lenght, for replay them in the mentioned players above. But when I cut a piece from the front camera there is no matching following scene to see in the rear one (with the same cut points), and reverse. So I always have to hop between Avidemux front and Avidemux rear and adapt the position of the marker.
For example when oncoming car is passing unsafe (I have to avoid a collision), I have it on the front camera, when it arrives the side of my car and disppears from the front view angle it has not reached the view angle of the rear camera. So when I cut the front clip at this time (and the rear clip too) I have nothing in the back view.
So I have to switch to Avidemux rear and add some seconds till the passing car leaves. This time should be added to the avidemux front automatically. Until now I do it manually with hopping always between them.
I hope my bad english is understandable.


It is worth mentioning that it is not wise to have two instances of avidemux open. There can be issues with this.

Have you considered a multitrack editor like Shotcut. You could have front and rear clips on different tracks for easy editing. Then you need only export one or other track at a time.


Quote from: sark on June 24, 2023, 05:13:03 PMHave you considered a multitrack editor like Shotcut.

Thanks for mentioning. I never had bad experience with two open instances, as far as I remember. (I had some seldom issues with different versions on different computers with different windows version with a single instance)

Upps, I am open for other ideas, but never thought of looking for a "multitrack" editor, as avidemux covers almost anything I need:
- very intuitive interface, simple enough for me, completely driven by easy to remember simple shortcuts?/hotkeys
- cutting 1080 MOV and 1440 MP4 at I-frames without picture errors (smart rendering for interframes would be nice too ;-) (1080p .TS files from satellite receiver do make pixel disturbance, but that's not my main issue)
- saving very fast to MKV as NO overall rendering like many many other video "editors" force me to. But when small size needed for mobile phone chatting, I resize and convert to fixed file size (+/-)