Selection mode working strange.

Started by User007, October 27, 2023, 06:12:24 PM

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Short segment of video on screenshot has 2 keyframes marked with selection, i used "go to next keyframe" button to find them and place selection over them.

1. Now if i click on very first frame of the video and click go to next keyframe it will go to second keyframe, (skipping the keyframe on beginning of selection). Same happens if i select last frame of the video and click "go to previous keyframe" it will skip keyframe at end of selection and select the first keyframe.

2. If i click anywhere on regular frame (before selected area) on timeline with mouse and try to expand selection with "A |-" button to it it will not allow me to do so.

3. If i click on regular frame in middle of selected area and click "-| B" button it will then select only first keyframe.

4. Only time i am able to select regular frame is when i use button "Go to previous frame" or "Go to next frame" to navigate to the frame i want to select, then program will allow me to select non keyframe. Is this intentional or bug?


The navigation slider provides keyframe-based navigation only. Everything above is by design.


If you hold down the CTRL key, you can use the navigation slider for any-frame navigation. Be aware, this might be slow (depending on decoding performance).


Oops, sorry for forgetting about this substantial enhancement.