Re-encode to what due to non-IDR recovery points?

Started by NOLASaint, September 14, 2023, 08:37:48 PM

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I've read a lot on this forum about non-IDR recovery points becuase they are driving me crazy.   I see that the consensus of advice is either live with trying trial and error to find the right spots to edit or to re-encode the video.

What format/codec should I re-encode to that will eliminate the problem? 


Format: irrelevant, i.e. depending on context, use MP4/MOV, MKV/WebM, MPEG-TS.

Codec: any (well, skip obsolete stuff like MPEG-2, XviD/DivX, FlashVideo), but if you use H.264 or HEVC and want to be able to further edit the result in copy mode, do not enable Open GOP which is responsible for the complication with POC discontinuities on cut points, which confuse FFmpeg-based video players (just those).

If you don't need to care about compatibility with FFmpeg-based video players, you can ignore warnings about POC going back (but not "not on keyframes"!) altogether.

If you don't need to care about ease of editing the output in copy mode, you don't need to avoid Open GOP in encoder settings.