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"Snow" removal assistence needed.

Started by Gandalf, October 17, 2023, 04:07:28 PM

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I have avidemux 2.8.1 installed on my computer (my operating system is Slackware 15.0), and I have recently started the process of transferring all my videotapes over to DVDs, of course with videotape playback, there is the issue of "snow" that is a part of that to one degree or another. Anyway, on to my question - How do I go about removing said "snow" from files created when recording videotapes?


Perhaps I should have rephrased my question to read "What filter(s) do I need to use to remove the 'snow' from video files created when using a VCR, and what settings should I use for them"?


Your question was clear, I just don't have any experience with this task. All I can contribute would be the obvious recommendation to try out existing denoise filters and look for one which is least unsatisfactory.


It would help me then to know where I could find documentation regarding the video filters for avidemux.


Quote from: Gandalf on October 18, 2023, 11:19:12 PMIt would help me then to know where I could find documentation regarding the video filters for avidemux.

Very little official documentation unfortunately.

Try a combination of Wavelet denoiser followed by FluxSmooth, under the Noise filters. You need to test on a short clip, and output and playback, to get an accurate idea of the results.

I would normally suggest uploading a small sample, but Avidemux doesn't really excell in this area, so doubt it would help much. I personally have no experience with Avisynth, but it appears to be the go to application for this kind of thing. Not a simple learning curve though.

Good Luck



Gandalf, good captures start with good hardware.
You should have an S-VHS machine, preferably with TBC, in good condition, with clean heads.
Stopping the "snow" before it happens, at least minimize it is a good way to start.
If you cannot find a machine with TBC then a second-level option is a Panasonic ES-10 or 15 as a pass-thru pseudo TBC.
After a proper capture, in lossless compression, THEN you can throw Avidemux at it.
And with the massive respect I have for the Avidemux team, I would also take a look at Selur's Hybrid, though it is a rather daunting UI,
unlike Avidemux which is user-friendly.