Ver 2.8.1 Crashes when opening large MP4 files

Started by rindi, October 31, 2023, 08:53:05 AM

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When trying to open large MP4 files (around 5GB or more), Avidemux on Debian Linux testing crashes. I use this tool to cut out the beginning & end, as well as the commercials for TV recordings. For smaller files it runs fine, and also ts files are no problem, even much larger files, more than 10GB is no problem.


The largest MP4 sample I could test was 51 GiB in size, no issues. However, in such a case, Avidemux does allocate quite a lot of memory for the index (in my case, slightly above 6 GiB), thus on systems with tightly constrained memory, the kernel OOM handler may terminate the Avidemux process for this reason.

Please test the latest 2.8.2 code (either build from source yourself or at least use the latest available nightly appImage. If the issue persists, please provide Avidemux console output as well as the output of mediainfo for the file that triggers the crash (both as attachments, please, as CleanTalk seems to block posts by new users containing mediainfo output).