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Crash when adding a 32 bit WAV as audio track

Started by guju, October 31, 2023, 10:42:20 PM

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Take an MP4 movie,
export the audio track (orig: AAC, 44kHz or 48kHz).
Convert audio to WAV (16 bit and 32 bit).
Add the 16 bit audio track: OK.
Add the 32 bit audio track: Crash - see attachment.

AviDemux v. 2.8.1


The latest Avidemux 2.8.2 code supports s32le (signed 32-bit integer) PCM as audio track, the meanwhile very old 2.8.1 release doesn't. There are no official nightly builds with this feature included yet, either build yourself or wait for an official build being uploaded.


Hey! That was a quick one.
Actually I don't need s32le audio at all.
I just wanted to report a crash to improve the quality.   :)


Avidemux was designed with non-interactive operation in mind, and such controlled crashes (assert failures) in unsupported scenarios are definitely a safer solution than attempts at error-free error handling. In non-intreactive (command line / batch) operation, a gracefully handled failure to add an external audio track may remain undetected by user until the output gets examined closely. Program termination, on the other hand, makes clear that something went wrong.


This answers the question I only had in mind so far:
"Why does my release version does assertion code?"

I agree with you that
a bug that shows by crash is better than
a bug that shows only in faulty results (if you notice them at all).
But hopefully you agree that even better is a bug that doesn't exist?
I.e. in the GUI the user should be told if he chooses something unsupported.

Thankful greetins  :)