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Impossible to merge long time videos

Started by Mukka85, November 02, 2023, 06:41:30 PM

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Hi to all, forgive my terrible English. I need help opening a 24 hour video sequence with avidemux version 2.8.1

I have to combine a total of 288 mp4 files of 5 minutes each into a single 24-hour video which I will then reduce from 4k to 720p. The problem is that when I open this amount of video avidemux overloads the RAM memory. The computer becomes unmanageable. The total size of the files is 73.9 GB. Can anyone help me make sure the merge process is successful without using RAM memory?

Thank you, best regards


Try enabling "Use shared cache" in Preferences/Display. This might reduce the total amount of RAM usage below the critical level.


Additionally, please reduce cache size to minimum (8 decoded pictures) and disable hw accelerated decoding if enabled.


it is of no use, everything is loaded into RAM and once saturated it passes to the swap memory. Then avidemux crashes and crashes the whole pc. I don't understand why the files must all be loaded into RAM, the program as it was written is just wrong!


Files are NOT loaded into RAM, but for each of files an index must be created and also a video decoder is instantiated, so that considerable memory is used when the count of files gets quite high. Start with a subset of files (e.g. with 20), export the resulting video as an intermediate stage (I assume you can use copy mode). Then append 20 more files to that video, rinse and repeat.