HEVC video generated by OpenCV/ffmpeg shows black screen. Bug?

Started by guju, April 09, 2024, 12:54:22 PM

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Recently I needed to edit a HEVC video that was generated
by standard HEVC output of OpenCV (ffmpeg 5.0.1).

Opening gives no error message but only a black screen.
(Opening it with VirtualDub2 (2020), ffmpeg CLI or MPC-HC: no problem).

Can you tell what is going wrong here?
Is it a bug of ADM? (Or maybe of HEVC-type generated?)


It is lossless HEVC.



Thank you, HEVC in MP4 is accepted by ADM.

However who's the culprit?

Does OpenCV writes HEVC in MP4 errornous?
(There would be a bug in OpenCV)
Is ADM unable to read HEVC in AVI?
(That would be bug or restriction of ADM)


Avidemux currently doesn't understand that codec tag "hev1" means HEVC.

(More precisely, only the MP4 demuxer supports that tag. This is why a placeholder, invalid decoder is chosen when opening this video stored in an AVI container, while an MP4 works.)



That's fine, I'm glad for my little contribute to enhance ADM.
Thank you!  :)


Out of curiousity I tried saving hevc/ x265 in avi containter with ADM.

==> "Bad idea. H264/ H265 in AVI... better use MKV".

Is that still up to date, or just a relict?