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Can't open MUX 2.8.1 c++

Started by appyface, December 12, 2023, 03:37:33 PM

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Hi, have used this program on and off for years and years. Yesterday download from sourceforge, 2.8.1 C++ to convert a webm video.

No matter what video or audio codec I choose, no matter what muxer I choose, I get an error message can't open MUX.

I went back to sourceforge and selected version 2.7.6 c++ and that worked fine on my video.

Windows 11 23H2, both Avidemux are 64-bit.


Please install the newest 2.8.2 cross-compiled Avidemux nightly (r231210 as of this writing) into an empty directory, make sure no other Avidemux version is running, load the WebM video you want to convert, open the Properties / Information dialog (Alt+Return), copy the properties of the video and the first audio track to clipboard, paste this info into your reply and also specify video codec, audio codec and video muxer in Avidemux you want to use to process the video.


Hi, thank you for your fast reply. I am not sure which one (or both) are cross-compiled?  There is an exe and also a zip. Does it matter which one I try?

OK I tried the EXE first.

Here is the information panel data:

Codec 4CC:         VP9
Image Size:         3840 x 2160
Aspect Ratio:         1:1 (1:1)
Frame Rate:         59.940 fps
Average Bitrate:      21711 kbps
Total Duration:         00:28:31.176
Pixel format:         YUV 4:2:0, 8-bit
Color range:         Limited (MPEG)
Color primaries:      BT.709
Transfer characteristics:   BT.709
Color space:         BT.709

Video Codec Extradata
Size:            0

Audio (1 active track)
Codec:            OPUS
Channels:         Stereo
Bitrate:         16004 Bps / 128 kbps
Frequency:         48000 Hz
Total Duration:         00:28:31.188

Am interested in video Mpeg4 AVC x264, audio MP3 (lame) (CBR, 96) and MP4 muxer.

I went ahead and started the conversion and it started without the error.

Thank you for your help.


Quote from: appyface on December 12, 2023, 07:23:30 PMI am not sure which one (or both) are cross-compiled?

Both are cross-compiled, both are one and the same build, differently packaged.