With both video and audio, avidemux insists on using a muxer (mkv in this case)

Started by jim@jdgblogs.com, January 27, 2024, 03:23:58 PM

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I'm trying to save a video where all I did was cut off the junk on both ends.  Both audio and video are set to "Copy".  Still, the Output Format is set to MKV Muxer, and it insists on using it, and fails because it can't find it (it shouldn't be touching it when set to Copy).  Have I forgotten the right way to save videos (something other than "Save"?  Or has Avidemux on Linux gone insane?

I'm using Version 2.8.1 (and have been for years) on Slackware Linux (and before that, Linux Mint, and before that, M$ CrashOS 10.  I have never seen this behavior before.  What's going on and how do I save this video so I can then take it to Handbrake?



Confusing storing multimedia streams (multiplexing / muxing) and re-encoding?

If Avidemux complains that it cannot find the MKV muxer, your installation is broken. Please remove completely and use either the latest 2.8.2 appImage or build from git master yourself.