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vsWin64 vs Win64 in nighty builds page

Started by amymor, February 10, 2024, 03:41:20 PM

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I'm going to create a portable version with a _portable suffix, but I noticed there are two versions available. Since I have limited space on my flash drive, I prefer to use the vsWin64 build as it requires less space. However, I am concerned about potential issues. Is there any significant difference between these two versions, or is it merely a difference in the compiler? Which one would be more suitable for Windows 10 22H2?

Additionally, I plan to remove some unnecessary files/folders:
1. The "etc" folder, which appears to contain fonts and subtitle configurations.
2. The "include" folder, which appears to contain source code.
3. The "qt" folder, which contains translations.

Since I don't need subtitle support and will stick with the default English translation, is it safe to delete these folders?

Thank you in advance.


If you need VapourSynth support, the MSVC (msWin64) builds are the only option, else they are practically equivalent, with cross-builds probably bringing less outdated versions of support libs than native ones.

Deleting the "include" folder should be safe (the headers are needed only for writing and building plugins out-of-tree), deleting "etc" probably unsafe, but cannot tell for sure without testing, deleting translations might trigger some errors in the log but might be safe – try it out. If you don't need the functionality to hardcode subtitles, remove the plugin. The same is valid for all video filter plugins, but the actual benefit in sense of freed space will be negligible. However, removing the AV1 libaom-based encoder in MSVC builds would save a huge amout of disk space at once, much more than all other measures combined.

In any case, please wait for the next round of nightly builds, the current ones suffer from substantial regressions.


It is safe to delete unused languages from translations, as with most QT-based applications.