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How to automate same cut & save operations?

Started by Silox, February 13, 2024, 01:10:03 AM

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So I did notice that some players / editors have some kind of and shift issue and not playing the first few ms or playing it without that shifting. That's why I get different results.

So main problem is that ADM has some issues with the audio (I told already) which you should check more in detail if you find some free time.

- Fix that shifting (delay) problem in preview mode (I want to hear what is right there)
- Find fix that creating audio cracks on cutting points (audio copy mode) in output file
- Add an audio wave form - Must have feature

So at the end I just would like to have an ADM editor I can also trust for 100% to get that results out what I also did edit inside of ADM without to expect any unsightly surprises you know. That's all. If you need any help with doing specific tests or something then tell me. My goal is it to make ADM working better without those issues. Thanks.