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DelogoHQ - PNG 'Load Failed!'

Started by NovicED, February 27, 2024, 10:06:21 AM

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I 'saved current frame' and edited the PNG file using  When I tried to 'load mask' using the edited PNG, Avidemux responds with 'Load failed!'.

Don't know if relevant but the PNG saved by contained extra sections: sRGB gAMA PLTE; whereas PNG saved by Avidemux did not.  MediaInfo reports both PNG's as having 'deflate RGB 8 bits'.

Using Avidemux 2.8.1 Win

Any ideas?  Thanks.


PNG's load for me fine in version 2.8.2. Doubt it's a version issue though. Almost certainly the extra data.

Latest nightly below:

            Can you load the .png generated by ADM. That would confirm it's a .png issue, not a version issue.


Could you please attach a sample PNG image created by PaintDotNet to your reply or provide it via WeTransfer, Mega, Dropbox or Google Drive?


Here's a link to a sample video, saved PNG frame (which reloads ok) and the frame edited with (which fails to reload).


Thank you. Avidemux doesn't support indexed colors, please try the advice from here to save with bit depth set to 24 (or 32 for images with transparency).


Thanks.  Ugh - I used 8-bits as that's what MediaInfo reported.  Checking with Win file explorer the PNG created by Avidemux is indeed 24-bits and works when saved as that.