Hover Feature Like VLC?

Started by WeBeDazzling, April 29, 2024, 05:10:50 PM

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Noob here.  Thanks to everyone who contributes.  First, not whining, just a suggestion  :)

Would it be difficult to implement a hover-activated "setting information" window?  I've attached an example from a setting in VLC.  For VLC these "info boxes" often provide quick, helpful information.  Instead of going balls deep on a web search, Avidemux users could benefit from a quick hover info-box like VLC's?  When using "Advanced Configuration" Avidemux settings, for e.g.   (perhaps that's a big ask and a huge hassle for devs)  :P

Thanks again.   8)


Writing short and meaningful text for tooltips is a pain ;D
Watching them popping up every time you have left your mouse at a wrong place is another.


That's understandable.  Just spit-balling an idea.  I'm not as savvy a user as many here, so I have to research tweaking settings when I veer from default(s).  Anyway, new nightly version is awesome.  Thanks again to all those who work  hard on the application.  Peace  :)