Error "Could not open the file" when I open a file over Network Path

Started by strepro1, May 05, 2024, 07:45:12 AM

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Just recently upgraded to 2.8.1. A bit late, I know :-[ . There was no problem with 2.8.0 to open files from NAS drive on my network (i.e. without mapping to windows letter E: or similar). With 2.8.1 this can no longer be done. "Could not open the file". I can find no setting. It does not matter whether I drag and drop or select File, Open... The question has been asked for another version long time ago,11726.msg61237.html

What is the problem and how do I fix it?


Please verify that the problem exists with the latest available 2.8.2 nightly build (which is also quite old, I need to update translation files and request a refresh). The 2.8.1 release has become long in the tooth, really ancient.


Installing 2.8.2 build 240324 there is no longer a problem opening files on the network. Thanks!