Suggestion: REAL Portable mode

Started by Larc, July 10, 2010, 11:46:32 AM

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First of all, I quote my comment because you have to know what portable is.
QuotePortable app must be satisfied at least 2 requirements.
1. no registry
2. neither create additional folder nor file i.e. every folder should be in the same folder!
Thanks to 2 requirements, you can use a program anywhere in the world without disturbing anyone.:D

This is narrow sense, I mean it.
At least, Avidemux doesn\'t satisfy this second requirement I think.
see my former post.

You don\'t have to care about whether installer or not.
Because some application can be set portable mode by using Installer.

At this time, Avidemux is not the portable.
because Avidemux will store the file in another folders!

MY PC is Vista x64. So former OS will create different folder name, maybe.

So I suggest it.
At least you will have 2 great merits.:)

1. You don\'t have to delete any additional folder every time.
2. You can back up the Avidemux more easily.

NSV  offers a portable version of Avidemux.



Quote from: NSV  offers a portable version of Avidemux.

Thanks for a useful info.
I know some 3rd party create a portable. (i.e. portableapps)

However, I hope Avidemux officially support real portable mode because It\'s more credible and speedy solution.


Adding a setting in the avidemux preferences to allow the user to choose where he wants his \"app data\" saved to would do.
t h i s i s n o t s o m e t h i n g r e l e v a n t


+1 for this suggestion, fully portable Avidemux would be great.