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Bizarre Problem Encoding Audio...

Started by rhuey_, December 28, 2012, 03:37:45 pm

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I've been using avidemux for a couple of days now, and can't figure out a problem I've been having when saving certain files.

Some files just don't create audio tracks, they save with 0kb audio file size.  Video works fine on the exported file.

When opening the original source file in VLC, audio and video works fine.  And when previewing in avidemux, audio and video both work fine there too...

It seems to happen with about 50% of the videos I've tried to save.  In one instance, a two part movie, the first part has this problem - not encoding audio - and the second part, when saved, works fine.  There's no difference between the files in terms of audio that I can see...only a slightly higher video bitrate on the first one.

Anyone can help here?  Would be great to figure this out.  I can upload mediainfo screenshots etc if needed.

Using avidemux 2.5.4 on my macbook pro...

Jan Gruuthuse

Avidemux 2.5.4 is over 2 years old. Upgrade please. For StandardDefinition Video use 2.5.6, for HighDefinition video use 2.6. Some audio codecs are not supported. Howto build Avidemux on OSX 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8 using Homebrew


Beauty!  Works like a charm in 2.6.....thanks for that...