Shut down computer when finish turning on during batch conversiom

Started by zemanepic, February 10, 2012, 02:47:43 pm

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If you use avidemux2_cli.exe, then you are already implying --nogui.  Do not use that option with the cli.
If you use avidemux2.exe, it is the gui.  Adding --nogui like you did would be right in that case.
I don't know about Jan, but I am confused by your title.  Are you saying there is an Avidemux checkbox or menu option in the GUI or flag somewhere to "shutdown after processing"?

What I do know is this, and Jan guessed the same thing: When you are doing a lot of intensive computing and your computer randomly and spontaneously reboots without any reason, this is a classic example of a hardware failure, meaning bad memory, inadequate cooling, or a bad power supply.  On the other hand, if the Operating system pops up a General Protection Fault (GPF) complaining that Avidemux crashed, that is a software failure.  If the Operating System itself crashes into a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), that is also a software failure in the OS itself, likely due to an old video driver or audio driver, but it very low level that failure, between the OS and the hardware.

It's  hard for us to explain things to each other due to language differences at times, but I think this is what you are describing.  If not, please be more specific.

Jan Gruuthuse

Quote from: nibbles on April 01, 2012, 10:09:57 pm
Are you saying there is an Avidemux checkbox or menu option in the GUI or flag somewhere to "shutdown after processing"?

When the encoding window is showing, bottom left in that window you have the [v] to shutdown after processing option.

I've tested the 2 x avidemux lines script in Linux, it should work similar in windows batch to. If problem still exists. If your computer  has only 4 GB ram: try on another computer with more memory. Could be a slow incremental memory clogging, not leaving enough memory after processing x times? Use program like ccleaner to clean unused files on your hard disc. Stay away from register.


Lets start over.

I use the following script under windows 7:

set avidemux="C:\Program Files\Avidemux 2.5\avidemux2.exe"
for %%f in (*.avi) do %avidemux% --force-alt-h264 --load "%%f" --run aq27.js --save "%%f.mkv" --quit

I copy the above .bat and the aq27.js file to a folder with a complete séries season that can have 13 to 26 avi files.

Avidemux2.exe (not cli) then starts and encodes file by file.

As i dont have nogui option active each time the encode begins the program shows the progress window (bottom left in that window you have the [v] to shutdown after processing option).

After about 10 files processed, when next file starts encoding and the above window apears, there is a bug or ghost intervention and the shutdown box is checked. If you dont see it and uncheck it the program does what is expected to do, finish encoding and shuts down the computer. If you uncheck it, no problem at all but in this case the box may appear checked again in the next or the second file after. The box checks alone with out human intervention.

This is what i am trying to explain from the beginng.

The computer temperature is under controll and the last file being encoded is always complete so i am shure that is not a harware problem.

I did some tests using avidemux2_cli.exe and the problem did not happen yet.

Thank you very much for your help.


Jan Gruuthuse

Did understand the described problem. I'm glad the cli is not causing this problem. Have you done anything with the suggestion to use 2.6? Found here or
If you have problems running the 64-bit avidemux on windows 7 64-bit, try 32-bit version, users reported this as solution.


So, you think 2.6 is stable now?

Could not use it in the past.

Will spend some time to make a 2.6 h264 options set to replace what i am using now and will test.

Could you pls help me to add the --nogui option in my actual script? Would like to test it.

Thank you for your help.


Jan Gruuthuse

Sorry about that, believed you had that working? It is only for use on the GUI versions and not CLI:
QuoteYou can use ââ,¬â€œnogui option in case you want to suppress all dialogs (it must be first option!)

last line bottom of page under Tips
So only use for avidemux2.exe (2.5.#) or avidemux3.exe (2.6)
I find 2.6 stable enough and it is the only one working with MPEG-TS HDTV streams and leaving audio streams intact. Use it daily to process hours of TV recordings. I'm very pleased with it.
Do keep in mind this is a work in progress and considered experimental (Beta), some stuff that is not handled by 2.6, I try with 2.5.6. Always look what works best and keep both on your system.


No way, 2.6 last release, win32, cancels at file load, during the building time map.

Its a pretty old file (star treck - deep space 9)

Will try other files.

Dont have win64 installed.