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SOLVED: Building AviDemux

Started by JP, July 24, 2013, 12:24:31 AM

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I downloaded the source for avidemux 2.6.4.

I ran bootStrap.bash and after a couple screenfuls of text, received this error message:

Quote-- Configuring FFmpeg line 2  /usr/local/src/avidemux_2.6.4/buildCore/ffmpeg/source/configure: No such file or directory

There's an earlier error message, which I just noticed:
Unpacking ffmpeg from ....
CMake Error: Cmake version 2.6-patch 4
Usage: /usr/bin/cmake -E

The file /usr/local/src/avidemux_2.6.4/buildCore/ffmpeg/source/configure doesn't
exist.  It seems like the buildCore directory is built by the bootStrap script.  However,
buildCore/ffmpeg/ffmpeg-1.1.2/configure does exist.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

SOLVED: Installed the latest cmake (cmake 89 or something like it) and it compiled.