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Started by mm0359, October 06, 2016, 02:58:32 PM

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To report (and fix) issues in the French translation.


v2.6.8 (to v2.6.14 (to _r161004)).

Main top menu has 3 entries with same 'A' accel key:
Audio, Auto, Aide.

Each use of "Alt-A" cycles to the next entry.

Not sure if there could be distinct keys?


The following main top menu entry was not translated yet.

v2.6.14 (to _r161004):
Go (G) -> Aller (no accel key).

Could an accel key be added?


v2.6.8 (to v2.6.14 (to _r161004)).

Main top menu "Video"
left panel "Décal.:"
have same 'D' accel key.

Each use of "Alt-D" cycles between them.

This behavior (opening menu each other time only) looks rather odd.

Need to use distinct keys.
If not possible (or maybe anyway), left panel "Décal.:" should have no accel key.

English left panel "Shift" has 'S' accel key,
which also interacts oddly with main top menu "File":
releasing "Alt" before 'S' toggles "File" menu :-/
Again, I'm not sure that behavior is desirable.



Editer > Préférences > Interface utilisateur :
&Revenir aux paramètres par défaut enregistrés lors du chargement vidéo

Unwanted '&' at the beginning.

User name

Hello, I took a look at the instructions here to update the French translation, but I didn't understand much. I'm available to give a hand translating, but I can only work with a GUI app such as POEdit, and I can't search for the .po file on a SVN server.


Quote from: User name on April 12, 2021, 03:13:16 PMI took a look at the instructions here to update the French translation

These old instructions are completely obsolete, please ignore them. You need to clone Avidemux source including the source of translations – on Linux or macOS you execute

git clone && cd avidemux2 && git submodule update --init --recursive && cd avidemux/qt4/i18n && git checkout master
– and use Qt Linguist to work on translations.

Please be aware that translation files are not up-to-date (they don't contain a lot of recently added strings) as there was a lot of activity in the repository with numerous new filters added etc. I'll try to update them soon.

If you would like to update translations explicitely for the 2.7.8 release, you will need to checkout not master but the support_2.7.8 branch both of the main repository and well as of the repository hosting translations. However, I think that it makes more sense to work on the master ( = on future releases).

Using a Linux system simplifies everything a lot, a great lot, as it allows you to trivially build Avidemux with your updates to verify that everything fits.