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Avidemux 2.7.1 not working

Started by oscarodas, March 13, 2019, 06:02:40 am

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Sure - here you go. Many thanks for your help!


This one is cut off even earlier. Do you really run

/Applications/ > ~/admlog.txt 2>&1

and compress the admlog.txt (or an alternatively named output file)? I would like to have a log reflecting the complete Avidemux session from startup to exit.


I have tried using both the suggestions if I disable OpenGl is ok, but I have found another problem, when saving the modified video and choosing MP4 Muxer, the file saves ok, and then if I choose Mkv muxer I have the following errors:Too short
The saved video is incomplete. The error occured at 00:15:39,573 (20). This may happen as result of invalid time stamps in the video.


oscarodas, please provide Avidemux log from saving to MKV. Alternatively, please provide the sample video and exact steps to reproduce.

It is strange that the error doesn't happen with MP4 as both share the same backend. Generally, invalid timestamps (a broken source video) are a very valid reason to fail.


FYI: The official 2.7.2 release build runs just fine with OpenGL display enabled and with the known limitation of dark mode support being incomplete with Qt 5.11.2 on my MBP after I upgraded it to the final of 10.14.4 Mojave. OpenGL incl. display works too.

Even better news: Qt 5.12.2 has fixed the issue which caused Avidemux window to be blank until it has been resized.


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I'm opening a new thread because when I try to answer to my original one I get this message  " CleanTalk: *** Forbidden. Please enable JavaScript. ***".
I can't generate an error report because Avidemux doesn't give me an error, it says to all files that they were saved correctly, but when I try to open the file using (inna, Vlc, Movist) I see... Opening file using quick time then Media Init failed, The only workaround I have found is saving the file and on video output I use HEVC (265) but the files are three or twice as big and longer to save, the Video Output: Copy is the one that produces the defective files, sorry about but when using safari I get the above error, even though I have Java enabled, I'm now using a new browser (Yandex) and works ok.


As long as you don't provide either a complete Avidemux log (this is the absolute minimum of necessary information) or better a sample video with steps necessary to reproduce the issue, no problem assessment is possible.

I don't need an "error report", I need the complete console output from loading source file(s) throughout saving output file(s) and including Avidemux shutdown, which you can retrieve as described in,18630.msg85914.html#msg85914.